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Everyone does realize if Bennett goes to prison that baby has pretty much a 100% chance of being fucked up, right? I feel like Daya and her mom are being pretty naive about the situation.

Janae is so pretty and her hair is gorgeous. I hope she gets more screen time come season 3. I can’t even imagine why some people don’t like her.

Poussey and Taystee’s little inside joke about white people is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Nicky will always be my favorite character, hands down.

I want Poussey’s poussey, if you catch my drift…

I love the fact that Piper’s an Atheist and that she was brave enough to stand up to Tiffany about it.

I can’t put into words how much I adore Nicky, Morello, Poussey and Sophia. Their characters are just so interesting. I love their stories and their characteristics.

What’s the deal with Laura Prepon’s eyebrows??? Pretty sure it’s a crime to have eyebrows that ugly. *patiently waiting for eyebrows’ backstory*

I’m back from my mini-hiatus

And will be posting confessions all night!

Anonymous inquired:
It bothers me that Mendez only bothers you because he murdered. Are you that desensitized to rape and misogyny? His sexist and rapist attitude and actions should appaul you.





See, yes, I do think that rape and misogyny is terrible and by no means is this an acceptable trait or action for any human being.

However, I watch the show for its entertainment values. Sure, it has amazing lessons and the morals are spot-on, but at the end of the day, it is a TV show and the people on the show are characters. Pornstache is deliberately written to be an asshole and to be a terrible person - but he’s a written character. He’s not real. There may be guards in prisons like that today, but George Mendez is not a real person.

The character entertains me. Again, yes, he’s a misogynistic and holds traits of a rapist (even copped a feel with Piper) and that’s nothing I condone - I think it’s just disgusting. But, he’s also hysterical because of how over-the-top he is. If you notice all the other guards in Litchfield, they’re all there to be mediators or handle situations more calm and tell an inmate when they’re doing something wrong. Mendez, on the other hand, has to make a big scene out of everything and gets to a point where he becomes cartoonish with his personality, but that’s the fun of his character.

And, he was perfectly cast. Pablo Schreiber does a perfect job of blending his dire need to be assertive with his creepy infatuation with Daya, the feelings and emotions he has when it comes to how he really feels, his Major Dickbag attitude, and all-around disgusting nature. I think an actor does well when they play a character I’m supposed to hate - and they show me all he does to make me hate them - but they just can’t. They’re too entertaining.

Like I said - misogyny and rape are not okay. By any means. Pornstache, however, is entertaining when he isn’t portraying one of those two things. And you can dislike my opinion and my views on why I like the character all you want; I have no problem with it. I totally understand where you’re coming from, and I hope you understand where I’m coming from. It may not be a well-executed explanation, but at least it’s something to get you to know what I’m getting at.

- Warden Zach

See I disagree with this— the show is written based on a true story. Somewhere out there, there IS a Pornstache.

Right, there IS a Pornstache. However, in the TV show, “Orange is the New Black”, Pornstache is merely a character.

He may be based on a real, mysogynistic, rapey-vibed person, but he is fictional. But, hey, I’m not forcing you to like him at all. I don’t like him, and yet, I love him.

Pornstache is a fictional character. You’re allowed to be entertained by him! So long as you remember that there are real Pornstaches out there, and when you find them, show no mercy. But for Pornstache himself, have a laugh. 

^^^ I mean, Vee is a terrible,manipulative person, but her character is written so well that you can’t not like her or be entranced by her.
Same with Pornstache.